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  • Successful American-Russian Partnership Through Education Abroad 

    Luckert, Yelena (Association of College and Research Libraries, a division of the American Library Association, 2019)
    This chapter discusses a library and information studies Study Abroad class to St. Petersburg Russia, detailing two perspectives, from a faculty member who created the class and from a student who took it. Goals, curriculum, ...
  • Perspectives on Globalization of American Libraries 

    Luckert, Yelena; Carpenter, Lindsay Inge (Association of College and Research Libraries, a division of the American Library Association, 2019)
    An introduction to the edited book by the same authors, The Globalized Library (ACRL, 2019). This article puts in perspective the historical development of American libraries and the current trends as they relate to the ...
  • Preprint version of Instructor Use of Educational Streaming Video Resources 

    Horbal, Andrew (2018)
    Although Farrelly and Hutchinson (2014) have shown that a substantial majority of academic libraries now provide streaming video, the literature contains few studies which focus on how such resources are used. This article ...
  • Seeing the Elephant: Multi-disciplinary Measures of Urban Sprawl 

    Clifton, Kelly; Ewing, Reid; Knaap, Gerrit; Song, Yan (2005)
    In this paper we review and discuss multiple approaches of measuring urban sprawl. Our intent is not to propose new measures or methods but to present in a single paper an overview of approaches to measuring sprawl taken ...
  • Wireless Alerts for Flash Flood Warnings and the Impact on Car Accidents 

    Ferris, Jeffrey; Newburn, David (2016)
    Wireless alerts delivered through mobile phones are a recent innovation in regulatory efforts toward preparation for extreme weather events including flash floods. In this article, we use difference-in-differences models ...

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