Philosophy Theses and Dissertations

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    Kalewold, Kalewold Hailu (2021)
    This dissertation advances the new mechanistic philosophy of science by developing novel accounts of activities and good parts. In the first chapter, I develop a Hybrid Account of activities that integrates production and ...
  • A New Theory of Individualized Evidence 

    Barclay, Charles Arthur (2021)
    Theories of individualized evidence have been offered to show why, inter alia, we are not justified in finding a defendant legally responsible on the basis of mere statistical evidence even if the probability of his guilt ...
  • A Groundwork for Perspectival Quantum Mechanics 

    Dascal, Michael (2020)
    There has recently been a renewed focus on ‘perspectival’ quantum theories. which simultaneously maintain the existence of single measurement outcomes and the universality of unitary evolution. At the same time, these ...
  • The Existence of Time and Its Relationship to the Reality of Temporal Passage 

    Ewing, Kyley (2020)
    The starting point of my dissertation is the deeply rooted tension between our everyday pre-theoretic experience of time and our leading metaphysical and physical theories of time. Prime examples of this tension can be ...
  • Defeasibility in Epistemology 

    Knoks, Aleks (2020)
    This dissertation explores some ways in which logics for defeasible reasoning can be applied to questions in epistemology. It's naturally thought of as developing four applications: The first is concerned with simple ...

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