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Recent Submissions

  • Rationality and Moral Risk: A Moderate Defense of Hedging 

    Tarsney, Christian (2017)
    How should an agent decide what to do when she is uncertain not just about morally relevant empirical matters, like the consequences of some course of action, but about the basic principles of morality itself? This question ...
  • RELATIVE AND OBJECTIVE, ON BALANCE: Detailing the Best Systems Analysis of Laws 

    Bialek, Max (2017)
    Variations on Lewis’ Best Systems Analysis (BSA) of laws of nature have tended to emphasize the aspects of the view that allow it to accommodate the peculiarities of scientific practice. That move has allowed such views ...

    Westra, Evan (2017)
    This dissertation puts forward a series of arguments and theoretical proposals about the architecture and development of the human capacity to reason about the internal, psychological causes of behavior, known as “theory ...
  • An Essay on the Nature of Visual Perception 

    Ogilvie, Ryan Graham (2016)
    In this dissertation, I address two distinct, but related questions: (1) Is vision encapsulated from higher-level cognitive content? For example, do higher cognitive states like belief and desire alter the contents of ...
  • Are Videogames Art? 

    Rough, Brock (2016)
    My dissertation defends a positive answer to the question: “Can a videogame be a work of art? ” To achieve this goal I develop definitions of several concepts, primarily ‘art’, ‘games’, and ‘videogames’, and offer arguments ...

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