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Recent Submissions

  • Mindreading for Cooperation: a moderately minimalist approach 

    Schoenher, Julius (2019)
    This dissertation puts forth a series of arguments about the extent to which human cooperative interaction is fundamentally shaped by mindreading; i.e. the capability to reason about the psychological causes (e.g. intentions, ...
  • Disadvantage in Context: From Microaggressions to Healthcare Policy 

    Perez Gomez, Javiera Maximiliana (2019)
    Many dimensions of applied ethics appeal to consequentialist moral theories to evaluate the moral permissibility of an action, practice, or policy. But such an approach risks obscuring other, non-consequentialist concerns. ...
  • The Nature of Governmental Authority 

    Phillips, Cindy (2019)
    This dissertation puts forward a series of arguments and theoretical proposals concerning institutional authority—particularly, governmental authority. I attend to conceptual debates regarding the function of legal systems ...

    Paul, Linda Marie (1990)
    Although common-sense moral theories tend to hold that everyone has reason to act morally, Bernard Williams argues in "Internal and External Reasons" that an agent has no reason to act if the act in question fails ...
  • Art, Fiction, and Explanation 

    Song, Moonyoung (2019)
    This dissertation consists of four stand-alone chapters that address topics at the intersection of art, fiction, and explanation. Chapter 1, “the nature of the interaction between moral and artistic value,” aims to elucidate ...

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