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Recent Submissions

  • Art, Fiction, and Explanation 

    Song, Moonyoung (2019)
    This dissertation consists of four stand-alone chapters that address topics at the intersection of art, fiction, and explanation. Chapter 1, “the nature of the interaction between moral and artistic value,” aims to elucidate ...
  • Vulnerable Patients, Autonomy, Well-being, and Death 

    Gipe, Kelsey (2018)
    At the beginning of our lives and often at the end, we have important medical decisions made for us by proxy consenters including family, legal guardians, and/or medical professionals. This places us in particularly ...
  • The Distinction in the Tractatus Between Saying and Showing 

    Harward, Donald W. (1970)
    The distinction between saying and showing is fundamental to Wittgenstein's attempt in the Tractatus to explain the communication of significant propositions, the function of non-significant assertions, and the general ...
  • Novels and Their Instances: A Metaphysical Exploration 

    Aliev, Alexey (2017)
    What is the ontological status of novels? Are they inscriptions (i.e., concrete texts typically written or printed on something or displayed on the screen of some electronic device)? Sets of inscriptions? Mental representations ...
  • Rationality and Moral Risk: A Moderate Defense of Hedging 

    Tarsney, Christian (2017)
    How should an agent decide what to do when she is uncertain not just about morally relevant empirical matters, like the consequences of some course of action, but about the basic principles of morality itself? This question ...

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