MARAC 2023 Fall - Saratoga Springs, NY 19-21 October

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    A Community Approach to Transcribing the Jane Bigelow Diaries
    (2023-10-20) Fried, Rebecca; Chatnik, Corinne; Greenwood, Amanda
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    Session 1: Small Bites and a Big Gulp
    (2023-10-20) Smith, Deborah
    Are you a lone arranger wearing too many hats? Ever wonder how an archivist with a small staff manages to get anything done? Looking for some fresh ideas to try while understaffed? This open forum is an opportunity to join in a lively discussion about the work of lone arrangers and archives with small or volunteer staff. The session will begin with brief presentations by a panel of five lone arrangers highlighting some of their recent work. It will be followed by a moderated group discussion focusing on participant questions, input, and conversation. Participants are invited to bring topics they would like to discuss as we work to better understand the work of lone arrangers, the unique challenges they face, and their exceptional contributions to the field.
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    Session 8: Taking a Leap: Cultivating Dynamic Skillsets in New Roles
    (2023-10-20) Dreyer, Rachael; Scherry, Rejoice E.; Melbourne, Laura; Wick, Harrison
    Join us for an interactive session discussing the everexpanding and ever-changing skillsets needed to navigate gallery, library, archives, and museum (GLAM) career paths. The panelists will explore the skills and experiences that helped them transition into and out of archival positions. How can professionals fill gaps in their knowledge when starting new positions or assuming additional responsibilities? What training and experiences can be brought into GLAMs from other careers? Why is the profession changing and how have professionals adapted? Panelists will speak to the personal satisfaction derived from taking the leap to new paths, and invite attendees to join in a lively exchange of ideas about the uncertainty and challenges involved in the evolution of contemporary career paths.
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    Session 12: Canals, Railroads, and the Development of the Glass Industry in Corning, NY in the Late 19th & Early 20th Centuries.
    (2023-10-21) Schill, Joe
    The history of New York State is heavily influenced by the transportation infrastructure unique to this region. Whether transporting soldiers, goods, politicians, or religious movements the waterways and rail lines of the Empire State have traversed the events of history. Set along the paths of the Erie Canal and railways like the Saratoga, Corinth and Hudson, this session will provide insights into the impact of the Corning Glass Works on the Southern Tier; on the mustering of the 77th New York Volunteers out of Saratoga; on the harried swearing in of President Theodore Roosevelt after Mckinley's assassination; and on the religious movements that swept the region that became known as the Burned Over District.
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    Program for the Fall 2023 MARAC Meeting: Navigating the Turn: Re-Appraising the Archival Career
    (2023-10) MARAC: Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference
    The program for the Fall 2023 MARAC meeting, "Navigating the Turn: Re-Appraising the Archival Career" held October 19-21 in Saratoga Springs, New York.