Solar Decathlon 2017 D-4: 90% Complete Design Drawings


90% complete construction documentation: General, including solar envelope compliance, accessible tour route, finished square footage, water delivery and removal compliance information, and constructed footprint calculations. Site, including temporary footing locations, ground penetrations, and adjustable footings. Landscape, including plantings, containers, and watering methodology. Structural, including building, decking, and associated structures. Architectural, including dimensioned floorplans, building sections, detailed sections, reflected ceiling plans, roof plans, elevations, window and door schedules, and exterior structures. Interiors, including finishes, furniture layout, and cabinetry. Fire Protection, including sprinklers and required detection systems. Plumbing, including layout, schedules, and diagrams. Mechanical, including layout, schedules, diagrams, and installation requirements. Electrical, including AC and DC layout, 1-line diagrams, 3-line diagrams, and sizing calculations. Telecommunications, including instrumentation, wiring, and associated elements. Operations, including house transportation, assembly methodology, and staging.


62 pages, architectural plans