Alonso Berruguete: A Re-examination of the Polychrome Lunettes Adorning the Archbishop's Choir Stall in the Cathedral of Toledo

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Silberman, Karen Leslie
Lynch, James B.
The principle concerns of this study of the three Spanish lunettes are establishing Alonso Berruguete as their sole carver, the lunettes' iconography, and an exploration of their stylistic sources. That the lunettes are not workshop pieces is derived by studying Berruguete's documented works. When the lunettes are compared with them it can be seen that they share the unique carving techniques and peculiarities of one and the same artist. The study made here of the iconography of the lunettes examines their very individual interpretation of the themes of the Flood, the Brazen Serpent and the Last Judgement, by comparing them to scenes of the same subjects. The reasons for a new interpretation of the iconographic scheme the three works present are established. For reasons of style , influence from antique art are explored . The work of the Renaissance and other Mannerist artists which in terms of style, closely corresponds to Berruguete's lunettes are comparatively examined. The results of the research make for a re-evaluation of the lunettes and help to illuminate the figure of Alonso Berruguete.