Experimental Evaluation of Circulation Control Aerodynamics on a Cylindrical Body

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In this study, an experimental investigation is conducted on a two-dimensional circulation control cylinder with blowing taking place from a single spanwise slot to determine its aerodynamic characteristics. The results include detailed pressure distributions (both chordwise and spanwise) for a range of momentum coefficients and slot locations. The measured results showed that the lift coefficients up to 4.8 were produced at momentum coefficients of 0.14 in a turbulent flow condition. The experimental results of lift coeffficients Were correlated satisfactorily with analytical results. The surface flow patterns were observed using the oil and smoke techniques. Also flow field surveys of the model Were obtained using total pressure, yaw and pitch probes. A color video display technique was used to present the results of the flow field surveys. Based on this evidence, a flow field model of the circulation control cylinder is presented.