Electrical & Computer Engineering

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Recent Submissions

  • Control of a Beam and Ball System with Arbitrarily Shaped Smooth Beams 

    Lee, Ryan Khaw (2020)
    This thesis develops a general model for the problem of controlling a ball on a curved beam for any beam defined by y = f(x). The model is converted to dimensionless parameters and simulated. The performance of LQR with ...
  • Impact Of Semantics, Physics And Adversarial Mechanisms In Deep Learning 

    Kavalerov, Ilya (2020)
    Deep learning has greatly advanced the performance of algorithms on tasks such as image classification, speech enhancement, sound separation, and generative image models. However many current popular systems are driven by ...
  • Codes with efficient erasure correction 

    Chen, Zitan (2020)
    Distributed storage systems are becoming increasingly ubiquitous in the emerging era of Internet of Things. Major internet technology companies employ large-scale distributed storage systems to accommodate the massive ...

    Zhou, Peng (2020)
    The advent of media sharing platforms and the easy availability of advanced photo or video editing software have resulted in a large quantity of manipulated images and videos being shared on the internet. While the intent ...
  • Testing and Optimization of Optical Illumination to Extract Cancer Cells from Tissue Samples 

    Han, Chang-Mu (2020)
    This study aims for mathematical modeling, experimental validation, and systematic optimization of Expression Microdissection (xMD). xMD selectively heats targeted cancer cells via a photothermal effect to enable their ...

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