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Recent Submissions

  • Industrial Hemp Remains Illegal to Cultivate In Maryland Until Final Regulations and Research Programs Finalized 

    Goeringer, Paul; Cook, Nicole; Nuckolls, Kelly; Ristvey, Andrew; Morris, Dale (2018-06-25)
    In 2016, the Maryland General Assembly first passed legislation allowing for the development of an Industrial Hemp Pilot Program in the state. That program was recently updated this year by House Bill (HB) 698 to allow ...
  • Reporting Continuous Release Emissions 

    Goeringer, Paul; Moyle, Jon; Rhodes, Jennifer; Nuckolls, Kelly (2018-01-16)
    The 2018 Consolidated Appropriations Act contained language that would exempt agricultural operations from reporting under CERCLA. This fact sheet is left up as a reference for those wondering what reporting looked like ...
  • How Consumers Respond to Product Certification and the Value of Energy Information 

    Houde, Sébastien (2017-08)
    I study how consumers respond to competing pieces of information that differ in their degree of complexity and informativeness. In particular, I study the choice of refrigerators in the U.S., where a mandatory disclosure ...
  • Estimating Ex Ante Cost Functions for Stochastic Technologies 

    Chambers, Robert G.; Serra, Teresa (2017-07)
    This paper revisits the problem of estimating ex ante cost functions previously studied by Pope and Just (1996) and Moschini (2001). An ex ante cost function that generalizes their ex ante cost functions is introduced, and ...
  • Incomplete Variational Preferences 

    Chambers, Robert G.; Melkonyan, Tigran; Quiggin, John (2017-06)
    We examine incomplete preference structures in a framework that allows for various relaxations of the independence axiom. We derive preference representations in terms of willingness-to-pay measures, and demonstrate how ...

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