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  • Towards Data-Driven Operational Wildfire Spread Modeling: A Report of the NSF-Funded WIFIRE Workshop 

    Gollner, Michael; Trouve, Arnaud; Altintas, Ilkay; Block, Jessica; de Callafon, Raymond; Clements, Craig; Cortes, Anna; Ellicott, Evan; Filippi, Jean Baptiste; Finney, Mark; Ide, Kayo; Jenkins, Mary Ann; Jimenez, Daniel; Lautenberger, Christopher; Mandel, Jan; Rochoux, Melanie; Simeoni, Albert (2015-01-13)
    This report presents a record of the discussions that took place during the workshop entitled “Towards Data-Driven Operational Wildfire Spread Modeling” held on January 12-13, 2015, at the University of California, San ...