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Recent Submissions

  • K-2 Place Value Longitudinal Study (2017-2019) 

    Mix, Kelly; Smith, Linda B. (2018-11-27)
    Children were tested with a battery of place value concept tasks as well as mathematics outcomes, in kindergarten, first and second grades. If you would like a copy of the dataset(s), please send a written request to the ...
  • Space and Math Wave One and Wave Two v.1 

    Mix, Kelly S.; Levine, Susan C. (2018-07-19)
    This dataset contains test scores for two waves of data collected from kindergarten, third grade, and sixth grade students in 2013 and 2014, respectively. Measures included age-appropriate spatial and mathematics tasks. ...
  • Assessing Differential Item Functioning on the Test of Relational Reasoning 

    Dumas, Denis; Alexander, Patricia (Frontiers, 2018-03-02)
    The test of relational reasoning (TORR) is designed to assess the ability to identify complex patterns within visuospatial stimuli. The TORR is designed for use in school and university settings, and therefore, its measurement ...
  • Age-Related Changes in Children’s Associations of Economic Resources and Race 

    Elenbaas, Laura; Killen, Melanie (Frontiers, 2016-06-16)
    Age-related changes in children’s associations of economic resources and race were investigated. The sample (N = 308) included 5–6 year-olds (n = 153, M = 6.01 years, SD = 0.33 years) and 10–11 year-olds (n = 155, M = 11.12 ...
  • The Creative Stereotype Effect 

    Dumas, Denis; Dunbar, Kevin N. (PLOS (Public Library of Science), 2016-02-10)
    Because of its fundamental relevance to scientific innovation, artistic expression, and human ingenuity, creativity has long been the subject of systematic psychological investigation. Concomitantly, the far-reaching effects ...

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