9M Parent Number Talk

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The dataset contains parent math talk scores derived from coding of videorecorded home visits (Cabrera & Reich, 2017) completed when children were 9 months of age, as well as numeracy outcome scores collected when children were 42 months old. Coding was completed between June 2021 and December, 2022.


Videos were divided into 30-sec intervals. Within each interval, we coded for 9 different types of math talk: cardinality, counting events and objects, abstract counting, identifying numerals, equivalence/nonequivalence relations, non-numerical quantitative terms, part-whole relations, and arithmetic. Coders recorded whether each type of math talk was observed during each 30-second interval (0 = not observed, 1 = observed) using an Excel spreadsheet. If parents ended a section of the recording before the allotted time, scores of zero were entered for all math talk categories in all intervals. The total of math talk observations was summed across categories and intervals to obtain a total frequency score for the recording. A total diversity score was obtained by summing up the number of math talk categories observed across all intervals (0-9 possible). Complexity scores were calculated by dividing the total number of math talk observations for the session by the number of intervals in which any math talk was observed (0-9 possible).