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    On the Numerical Accuracy of Mathematica 5.0 for Doing Linear and non-Linear Regression
    (Wolfram Media, Inc, 2005) Nerlove, Marc
    This article presents the results of performing the linear and nonlinear used as benchmarks by the National Institute of Standards and (NIST) with Mathematica 5.0. The performance is nearly flawless.
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    Programming Langauges: A short history for economists
    (IOS Press, 2004-02-04) Nerlove, Marc
    The development of programming languages as a means of communicating with digital computers is surveyed with emphasis on those languages and characteristics of particular relevance to economists and statisticians. There are several different types of software: (1) True programming languages which are used for many purposes in communicating with the machine, such as FORTRAN. (2) Software with greater specificity in purpose and function such as MATHEMATICA, GAUSS, MATLAB and MAPLE. (3) "Libraries" or collections of special purpose algorithms designed to be used within programs written in one of the major languages, e.g., the LINPACK, MINPACK, EISPAC, and IMSL libraries. (4) Collections of programs, sometimes called packages, linked together and designed for special purposes. These generally must be used within some of the languages one step removed from the basics. Examples include MATLAB Toolboxes. (5) Finally, there are programs which although made generally available cannot be used stand-alone in any sense.
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    Likelihood Inference in Econometrics
    (1999) Nerlove, Marc