The Contributions of Participant Asian Values Adherence, Counselor Acknowledgement and Processing of Racial Differences, and Counselor Cultural Values Expression, to the Prediction of Perceptions of Counselor Effectiveness

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This study investigated the relationship among participant Asian cultural values adherence,counselor expression of cultural values, and counselor acknowledgement and processing of racial differences and participant perceptions of counselor effectiveness. One-hundred and sixteen Asian American college student participants viewed a videotape in which an European American female counselor expressed either Asian or U.S. cultural values and either acknowledged and processed racial differences or did not acknowledge racial differences with an Asian American female client. After viewing the videotape,participants completed measures of counselor credibility, counselor cross-cultural counseling competence, attitudes toward seeking professional psychological help,willingness to see a counselor, and general and specific adherence to Asian cultural values.

Overall, participants who were exposed to the counselor that acknowledged and processed racial differences rated the counselor as being higher in cross-cultural competence than those exposed to the counselor that did not acknowledge racial differences. This effect remained significant even when the counselor expressed U.S. cultural values. Significant effects were also found for adherence to several specific Asian cultural values. Those participants with higher adherence to Conformity to Norms rated the counselors as being higher in cross cultural competence. Those participants with higher adherence to Emotional Self-Control expressed less positive attitudes towards seeking professional psychological help. Higher adherence to the Asian cultural values of Humility and Family Recognition Through Achievement was related to less willingness to see a counselor for health problems.