The Legacy of Mason Jones: A Study of His Pedagogical and Musical Philosophies

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The purpose of this study is to provide insight into the pedagogical and musical philosophies of horn player Mason Jones. Through his many years of performing and teaching in world-class institutions, Mason Jones influenced a generation of horn players who have themselves become world-class performers and teachers. With the passing of Mason Jones in February of 2009, along with the passing of many of his contemporaries and students, there is a growing urgency to document this knowledge before it is lost. As much of this knowledge has been passed down orally, through lessons and masterclasses, this study was conducted by interviewing family members, students, and colleagues of Mr. Jones in order to gain a deeper understanding of his approach to teaching and his approach to musical performance. Transcriptions of these interviews are included in order to preserve the accuracy of the first-hand accounts. Additionally, stories and information about Mason Jones’ career have been included in order to provide a documented history of his contributions to the development of horn playing in North America.