Archaeological Excavation of State Circle, Annapolis, Maryland

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Archaeological excavations were conducted at State Circle in Annapolis during the fall and winter of 1989-1990 by "Archaeology in Annapolis", a cooperative program between the University of Maryland, College Park and the Historic Annapolis Foundation. Excavation was conducted as part of the undergrounding of public utility wires within State Circle, Francis Street, and School Street. The work was undertaken to satisfy the conditions of compliance as set forth in the Annotated Code of Maryland, Article 83b, sections 5-617 and 5-18. Twenty excavation area were selected for excavation within the project area. Areas were selected based on data gathered during historical background research. Areas were also selected in an attempt to gather information concerning the Baroque town plan designed in 1695 by Royal Governor Francis Nicholson. Three sites previously identified in the project area (18AP22, 18AP28, and 18AP50) were tested. Nine additional sites were discovered during excavation (18AP54, 18AP55, 18AP56, 18AP57, 18AP58, 18AP59, 18AP60, 18AP61, and 18AP62). At least one hand dug 3 ft by 5 ft unit per site was excavated. In all, a total of 23 units were excavated.


Other State Circle Site records include: 18AP50, Bordley-Randall Site (area 11), ; 18AP55, Donaldson House (area 2), ; 18AP61, Public Well Site (area 18),