Flame retardant biogenic building insulation materials from hemp fiber

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P. S. Jadhav, A. Sarkar, L. Zhu, S. Ren, J. Appl. Polym. Sci. 2024, 141(12), e55137.


Biogenic thermal insulation materials are in high demand because of its carbon-sequestration nature. However, high flammability, moisture condensation, and relatively high thermal conductivity of biogenic material are major concerns for sustainable building applications. In this study, we report the fire-retardant cellulose xerogel insulation nanocomposites derived from hemp fiber recycling and silica xerogel, in which the boric acid treatment improves its fire retardancy. The as-prepared materials show a low thermal conductivity of 31.3 mW/m K, high flexural modulus of 665 MPa, hydrophobicity with the water contact angle of 115°, and fire retardancy with 30% weight loss over a period of burning time 10 min. Overall, this work provides an effective method for the synthesis of fire-retardant biogenic thermal insulation materials and shows a promising way for next-generation bio-based insulation materials.