Combinatorics of K-Theoretic Jeu de Taquin

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Thomas and Yong [5] introduced a theory of jeu de taquin which extended Schutzenberger's [4] for Young tableaux. The extended theory computes structure constants for the K-theory of (type A) Grassmannians using combinatorial machinery similar to that for cohomology. This rule naturally generalizes to give a conjectural root-system uniform rule for any minuscule flag variety G/P.

In this dissertation, we see that the root-system uniform rule is well-defined for certain G/P other than the Grassmannian. This gives rise to combinatorially defined rings which are conjecturally isomorphic to K(G/P). Although we do not prove that these rings are isomorphic to K(G/P), we do produce a ``Pieri rule" for computing the product of a general class with a generating class in the type B combinatorial case. We also investigate some symmetries which support the conjectural isomorphism. Moreover, our results combined with recent work of Buch and Ravikumar [1] imply that this conjecture is in fact true.

Lenart [2] gave a Pieri rule for the type A K-theory, demonstrating that the Pieri structure constants are binomial coefficients. In contrast, using techniques of [3], we show that type B Pieri structure constants have no such simple closed forms.


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