Starting with “Yes, And...”: Collaborative Instructional Design in Digital Scholarship

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Dohe, Kate, and Pappas, Erin. "Starting with 'Yes, And...': Collaborative Instructional Design in Digital Scholarship." Proceedings from Library Orientation Exchange (LOEX) Annual Conference 2016, Pittsburgh, PA.


Improv principles and techniques are applicable in any instance of teaching: respect your partner, know your audience, work the room, jump in with both feet, agree agree agree. These techniques take for granted that this form of instruction and collaboration is new for both partners, that neither person is the expert, and that the content and situations will have to be recreated anew in every classroom and workshop. In this workshop, two librarians and former improv and theater instructors lead workshop attendees through some of the fundamentals of improv, and reflect upon how these same activities and principles help create an environment of collaboration and openness necessary to support the diverse goals of digital scholarship.


Conference paper published in the proceedings of the Library Orientation Exchange (LOEX) National Conference in 2016.