Fearlessly Forward: Applied Research Librarianship


What does it mean to be a faculty Librarian at a Research University? Defined as a university that is committed to research as a central part of its mission, and faculty responsibilities are defined as teaching/librarianship, Research/Scholarship/Creativity, and Service, what applied research responsibilities do faculty Librarians have? UMD has published a new strategic plan "Fearlessly Forward." The Provost, Office of Faculty Affairs, and the Division of Research have initiated a number of attendant programs focusing on promoting the pillars of the plan: "Reimagining Learning," "Humanities Grand Challenges," "Investing in People and Communities," and "Partnerships for Advancing the Public Good." This panel will provide an introduction to these faculty initiatives and discuss the role of UMD faculty Librarians along with instructional, research, and PTK faculty in achieving the strategic goals of "Fearlessly Forward."