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The Library Research & Innovative Practice Forum is an annual event in June featuring lightning talks, presentations, and poster sessions by UMD Libraries’ librarians and staff.


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    (2022) Budhathoki, Milan; Abban, John; Rumingan, Napoleon Jr; Budhathoki, Milan
    During COVID-19 pandemic, UMD libraries & GIS and Spatial Data Center established a virtual GIS lab to connect users who needed access to GIS computing resources remotely. The lab went live 24/7 in October of 2020 and it gained popularity among the users immediately. The lab was equipped with specialized software in Geographic Information Science, Remote Sensing and statistical softwares (ie., SaS, SPSS). I will present how setting up the virtual GIS lab was instrumental to students, faculty, researchers and staff for their research, teaching and learning experience during the pandemic. This presentation will also include facts and figures of the lab users across the campus.
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    Pivoting Towards People and Puppets During the Pandemic
    (2022-06) Barker, Drew
    This presentation explained how we as a library (the Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library) decided to re-evaluate our gallery space when we knew we would re-open in the fall of 2021 after enduring the pandemic and moment of social crisis. We put our Edward MacDowell exhibit on the shelf and chose to do two exhibits that attempted to respond to our community.
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    Why is there a play about Benjamin Lay?
    (2020-06) Barker, Drew
    This presentation discusses the article by Barker entitled "Human Histories Onstage: A Conversation with Naomi Wallace and Marcus Rediker," which was published by the Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism in the Fall of 2019.
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    (2018-06-14) Barker, Drew
    This presentation was given at the UMD Libraries sponsored Library Research & Innovative Practice Forum 2018. It described the exhibit and the collaboration needed.
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    Season of Change: Government Information at UMD
    (2022-06-08) McDonald, Celina; Wilson, Aaron
    This presentation was made as part of the UMD Libraries' Libraries Research and Innovative Practice Forum on June 8, 2022. The presentation provides a general description of the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP), along with the University of Maryland's role as an FDLP Regional Depository. Additionally, the presenters discuss the variety of changes that have occurred within the Government Information Team from late 2019 through June 2022, ranging from the processing adjustments during the COVID-19 Pandemic, the backlog cataloging project, and staffing adjustments.