Diversity and Inclusion at UMD Libraries Survey Results


The Diversity Advisory Committee (DAC) conducted a Diversity Climate Assessment Survey in order to assess the diversity health of the University of Maryland Libraries. The survey was initially conducted for three weeks in July-August, 2014 and re-activated, per Dean Steele’s instructions, for another week in September to get as good a view of diversity issues in the Libraries as possible. This DAC snapshot reports findings on how library faculty, staff and student workers perceive the current state of diversity and inclusion within the Libraries. It also provides information about what organizational changes, training, and programs will be most beneficial to the library staff.


The survey was made available online to library faculty, staff, and student workers. Participation in the survey was completely voluntary, and each individual question was entirely optional. In accordance with UMD policy, responses were treated as confidential. Fewer than five responses in a particular category were considered identifiable by the U.S. Department of Education and were not included in this report. Those who participated in the survey represent a significant portion of the Libraries’ community.