Does Intra-Disciplinary Historic Preservation Scholarship Address the Exigent Issues of Practice? Exploring the Character and Impact of Preservation Knowledge Production in Relation to Critical Heritage Studies, Equity, and Social Justice


This data repository originates from research that seeks to understand the relationship, in historic preservation, between equity/social justice and the field’s intra-disciplinary scholarship by using a critical heritage studies lens. Intra-disciplinary scholarship is defined as the scholarly literature produced by the 58 tenured and tenure-track faculty associated with historic preservation degree programs in the United States through the end of 2018. A content analysis of this literature shows a general lack of engagement by authors on issues related to the public’s needs, including topics related to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. A citation analysis of this literature reveals meager faculty productivity and low impact for intra-disciplinary preservation scholarship. In order for the field to sustain itself, it needs to reconsider its anti-intellectual tendencies, increase its socially-relevant scholarly publications, and embrace more critical, people-centered approaches.


This data repository consists of the following documents:

  • "Wells - Intra-Disciplinary Historic Preservation Scholarship - raw citation metrics.xlsx": Raw citation metrics analyzed for this research.
  • "Wells - Intra-Disciplinary Historic Preservation Scholarship - content analysis.pdf": A detailed content analysis of intra-disciplinary preservation scholarship that was summarized in the published journal article.
  • "Wells - Intra-Disciplinary Historic Preservation Scholarship -additional tables.pdf": Additional tables on the citation analysis that could not be included in the published journal article.
  • "Wells - Intra-Disciplinary Historic Preservation Scholarship (pre-print).pdf": Pre-print, working paper of the published journal article.