Preservation Plan: 261 North Barton Street


This project develops a preservation plan for 261 North Barton Street in Arlington County, Virginia, the home of Indigenous activist Zitkala-Ša and her husband and fellow Indigenous activist Raymond Talefase Bonnin from 1925 to 1942. Although the house and its garage are contributing structures to a National Register of Historic Places historic district for the Lyon Park neighborhood, the National Register is honorific and Arlington’s Historical Affairs and Landmark Review Board only protects locally designated historic districts. In addition, the current district nomination focuses on “community planning/development” (Criterion A) and “architecture” (Criterion C), lacking any mention of the significant contribution of these Indigenous activists. The proposed plan begins with an overview of the property’s historical and architectural context before establishing the property’s significance, prepared in accordance with National Register guidance, and a condition assessment and integrity chapter. The plan ends with recommendations, focusing on public outreach options, and conclusions, including next steps and further research.