GIS and Data Services Workshop Analysis

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This study examines the demand for GIS and data science workshops at UMD Libraries by thoroughly analyzing the registration and feedback data collected from the previous two semesters. Following the introduction of user-centric data service in the summer of 2022, the GIS and Data Services center has been offering an array of workshops, such as qualitative data visualization with Tableau and NVivo, and the reintroduction of SAS. We employ this data to acquire a deeper understanding of the demographics of workshop participants and to assess the demand for each specific workshop. Consequently, we develop a dashboard that visualizes our findings, offering a comprehensive representation of user needs and preferences. The constructed dashboard displays participant demographics categorized by their highest level of education (undergraduate, graduate, or Ph.D.), the school they are affiliated with, and various other similar classifications. These results will contribute to the planning and enhancement of future workshops to better address the requirements of the UMD community. In summary, this study emphasizes the significance of employing data to guide the design and implementation of library services, particularly in the context of emerging data science and GIS technologies.