Infinity in Time and Space

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In the research process of this thesis, my practice has developed from small-scale two-dimensional prints, photographs and advertisements to life-size installations of video editing, animations and digital photography. In other words, this thesis is an exploration of three-dimensional space based on visual perceptions of geometrical and chaotic imagery. "Time as a pattern" and "time as a space" are the two major concepts discussed in my work. It investigates the effects of digitally manipulated images incorporated into animated video projections changing with time in a certain space to argue the significance of infinity. It has an intense effect of making people interact unconsciously with the artwork itself by both physically and visually challenging them in an isolated space full of obstacles. Interactivity plays a big role in the presentation of my work to engage the observer and to keep him conscious about the relationship between time and space.

This thesis also talks about the ways of creating synchronization for the audio and visuals. Computer generated images forming abstract landscape illusions are harmonized with digitally produced irritating sound effects to build a claustrophobic atmosphere. To maintain that disturbing and annoying ambiance, I study the behavior of light and shadow and their relation to time and space. Eventually, I create two room-sized installations to give you an idea about the significance of the subject matter. These dark rooms consisting of cubes in the interior are divided into segments to play with the idea of space. The basic idea behind this is to force the viewer to experience the relationship between time and space by interacting with it.