Factors that Influence Technology Integration in the Classroom

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dc.description.abstractEducation is one area where the use of technology has had great impact on student learning. The integration of technology in teaching and learning can significantly influence the outcome of education in the classroom. However, there are a myriad of factors that influence technology integration in the classroom. The purpose of this study was to investigate the variation of teacher integration of technology into classroom instruction. Factors that teachers perceive as being the most influential will be analyzed. The investigation also serves to inform school leaders about specific ways to ensure maximum use of instructional technology by all staff members. The study involved a comprehensive high school centrally located in a suburban county in Maryland with an on-time graduation of above 95%. This study surveyed 49 teachers who are employed at this high school and represent various years’ experience. Their teaching assignments range from standard level to advanced placement courses in one of the following content areas: English, science, social studies, or math. The research design in this study is quantitative in nature and was conducted through an on-line anonymous, eleven question survey using the Qualtrics platform. A total of 44/49 participants, or 90%, provided responses to all of the questions asked on the anonymous survey. Results indicated that content, grade, skill level of student, and years’ experience had no effect on the integration of technology in the classroom as 84% reported daily integration. Smart Boards and Laptops were the most frequently used while responders/clickers and the document camera were the least frequently used. Teachers reported using the Internet to develop lessons, Moodle, and video clips from the Internet were the most common uses of technology. Furthermore, results indicated that personal interest, availability, and professional development had the greatest influence over a teacher’s decision to integrate technology.en_US
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dc.titleFactors that Influence Technology Integration in the Classroomen_US


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