Historic Structure Investigation: The Goshen Farm House, Cape St. Claire, Maryland


The Goshen Farm House, located in Cape St. Claire, Maryland, is a historic vernacular residence and important resource in the cultural landscape of Anne Arundel County. Built in the late eighteenth century and expanded in three distinct phases over approximately 187 years, the house is representative of regional historical and architectural developments; it is the centerpiece of a larger project underway to reimagine its rural property as a successful community resource. This report builds on previous investigations of the house and analyzes the residence’s material evolution and historic significance. Anticipating planned, near-term interventions to the building’s fabric, as well as longer-term questions surrounding the structure’s ultimate use, the report also assesses the farmhouse’s historic material and character-defining features and outlines recommendations for their preservation under any future scheme to alter the site. While this investigation finds that the house is not eligible for National Register listing in its current condition, the building remains a significant historic asset for the Cape St. Claire community and warrants continued consideration and study moving forward.


Grant Matthew Cunningham's Master of Historic Preservation Final Project.