In-Situ Conformal 3D Printing for Targeted Repairs


Additive manufacturing is an emerging technology whose users seek to benefit from repair methods to reduce time and material costs. We explored an application of this technology for targeted repairs, such as mending holes or cracks, on 3D printed parts. Using conformal tool-pathing, we combined the precision of additive manufacturing with the strength and homogeneity of material adhesion to repair damage. To characterize the efficacy of targeted 3D printing repair for Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) plastics, repair configurations varying in shape, size, material, infill and loading type were tested in 3-point bending for structural strength and strain. We provided and summarized the collected data in addition to a structural analysis and optimization of parameters relevant to reparative 3D printing. The collected data found that 3D printed repairs were effective in replacing the strength properties of a damaged area through the use of conformal 3D printing.


Gemstone Team PRINT