Adolescent Secure-Base Use and Parental Secure-Base Support: Relations with Adolescent Attachment Security

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The goal of this investigation was to examine whether adolescent (AAI) attachment security could be linked to adolescents' secure-base use and parents' secure-base support while discussing the adolescent's developmentally salient task of leaving home after finishing high school. Results indicated that secure adolescents were more likely than insecure adolescents to use their mothers and their fathers as secure bases. Results also indicated that fathers of secure adolescents were more likely than fathers of insecure adolescents to support their adolescents' secure-base behavior. There was no evidence, however, that mothers of insecure adolescents differed from mothers of secure adolescents in their amounts of secure-base support. Results also indicated that dyadic open communication was greatest in secure adolescent-mother and secure adolescent-father discussions. Secure adolescents were also more likely than insecure adolescents to use at least one parent as a secure-base and to have open dyadic communication with at least one parent.