Natural Wonders: Implementing Environmental Programming in Libraries

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Harrington, Eileen G., and Hayley Beale. “Natural Wonders: Implementing Environmental Programming in Libraries.” Children & Libraries 8, no. 1 (2010): 41-46.


The Naturalist Center is the public library and resource center of the California Academy of Sciences. Visitors come to find out more about the natural world, either on their own or with thehelp of our staff. This article describes some of the programming offered to help children engage with and increase their appreciation of the natural world, as well as their science literacy. It also describes ways in which these programs could be implemented in public and school libraries.

Environmental programming is crucial to giving children the knowledge and tools they need to work for change and to help them put into practice some of what they are learning. In addition, libraries can help fill the gap in science education that has emerged since the implementation of No Child Left Behind. Many of the environmental problems we face are complex and can appear onerous. With many scattered, small actions, however, we can achieve a more sustainable future.