Adaptive Blind Multi-Channel Equalization for Multiple Signals Separation

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This paper investigates adaptive blind equalization for multiple- input and multiple-output (MIMO) channels and its application to blind separation of multiple signals received by antenna arrays in communication systems. The performance analysis is presented for the CMA equalizer used in MIMO channels. Our analysis results indicate that a double infinite-length MIMO-CMA equalizer can recover one of the input signals, remove the intersymbol interference (ISI), and suppress the rest signals. In particular, for the MIMO FIR channels satisfying certain conditions, the MIMO-CMA FIR equalizer is able to remove the ISI and co-channel interference regardless of the initial setting of the blind equalizer. To recover all input signals simultaneously, a novel MIMO channel blind equalization algorithm is developed in this paper. The global convergence of the new algorithm for MIMO channels is proved. Hence, the new blind equalization algorithm for MIMO channels can be applied to separate and equalize the signals received by antenna arrays in communication systems. Finally, computer simulations are presented to confirm our analysis and illustrate the performance of the new algorithm.