Mentoring When Librarians Have Faculty Status

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Novara, Vincent J., Phillipa Brown, and M. Jane Williams. “Mentoring When Librarians Have Faculty Status,” in Recruitment, Development, and Retention of Information Professionals: Trends in Human Resources and Knowledge Management, ed. Elisabeth Pankl, Danielle Theiss-White, and Mary C. Bushing, 267-280. (Hershey, PA: IGI Pub., 2010).


Numerous academic libraries participate in their campuses' systems for faculty status for librarians, in separate tracks or identical tracks as those for teaching faculty. In either case, a practice is to encourage or require mentoring for librarians without tenure or permanent status. This chapter will cover the special challenges and benefits of mentoring and faculty status, the need for mentoring, and processes for best practices to make mentoring meaningful for all involved. The chapter will draw on the authors’ experiences, an environmental scan, a survey of selected institutional practice where librarians have faculty status, and published research and related literature. It will also feature mentoring programs developed by various institutions, including the University of Maryland Libraries.