Solar Decathlon 2017 D-8: Market Potential Narrative

dc.contributor.advisorRockcastle, Garth C
dc.contributor.advisorBinder, Michael P
dc.contributor.authorTeam reACT
dc.contributor.authorCossard, Patricia Kosco
dc.contributor.authorStoltz, Angela
dc.contributor.authorLagomarsino, Matt
dc.description16 pages, illustrations, bibliography
dc.description.abstractMarket Potential including how the design and integrated design elements positively impact the U.S. residential energy efficiency and renewable energy industry, demonstrate exterior and interior appeal for Native Americans through material, equipment, and design details, sustainability features and strategies to make a positive contribution to the marketability of the house, the Native American market need for the competition prototype house and associated components. Livability, including design details that support a safe, functional, convenient, comfortable, and enjoyable place to live, design of the house’s lighting, entertainment, and other controls, and the design details that meet the unique needs and desires of Native Americans. Cost Effectiveness, including cost-effective value to Native Americans, market analysis, and integrated sustainability features that enhance the home’s market value. Build ability including, quality and detail to enable a general contractor to estimate and build the design as it appeared on the competition site, and the design response to the target site, client, or climate.
dc.description.sponsorshipA. James Clark School of Engineering
dc.description.sponsorshipSchool of Architecture, Planning and Preservation
dc.description.sponsorshipUniversity Libraries
dc.relation.ispartofseriesD-8: Jury Deliverables
dc.subjectsolar decathlon
dc.subjectNative Americans
dc.subjectseven generations principle
dc.titleSolar Decathlon 2017 D-8: Market Potential Narrative


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