At Ease with Mr. Wrong and Other Stories

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dc.contributor.authorManus, Emily Michelleen_US
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dc.description.abstractThis collection of short stories explores the minutia of everyday existence while questioning what it is that makes up a life. In examining this overarching question, the stories often stray into the surreal while taking the reader into moments between couples navigating their relationships, to workplaces where characters explore the implications of their professional decisions, into the glut of physical objects that reflect, and personify one's interior life, and finally into characters' minds, where they privately question what most troubles them. In scrutinizing, consciously or unconsciously, what their lives consist of, these stories present characters profoundly stuck in a flawed existences (as suggested by the collection and story title "At Ease with Mr. Wrong"), navigating a quotidian world of partial truths or imagined realities. Overall, the stories hold a common thread of characters attempting to formulate who they are in relation to the people and objects that surround them everyday.en_US
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dc.subject.pquncontrolledShort Storiesen_US
dc.titleAt Ease with Mr. Wrong and Other Storiesen_US


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