Collaborating Across Departments to Communicate Electronic Resource Changes

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In 2020-2021, the acquisitions unit at LNDL, with the help of the reference and instruction unit, created communication plans for three major electronic resource changes. First, we implemented a plan for communicating subscription changes. After a collection review, library staff needed to communicate changes to internal and external stakeholders. We created a research guide, developed scripts for specific groups, and posted announcements on the library website. Next, we developed a plan to communicate a large number of database trials available to faculty and students. Faced with running an unprecedented 17 trials simultaneously over three months, we wanted to pilot promoting all trials in bulk. We created digital signage, social media posts, and newsletter articles. Lastly, we implemented a marketing plan to promote our new membership in two consortia, CRL and ICPSR. We created scripts to notify academic department chairs, promoted the groups on the library website, and created a research guide. We explored different ways of reaching patrons while keeping user design in mind. We faced challenges, including unsuccessful communication outlets and Zoom/email fatigue. We reviewed trial participation, research guide usage, and feedback from library liaisons to evaluate the impact of the plans.