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Recent Submissions

  • Early Timpani Performance Practice in Modern Solo Repertoire 

    Hickman, Joshua (2018)
    Timpanists of the Baroque era were virtuoso showmen of privileged rank, protected by royal decrees throughout Europe. These musicians learned by rote through apprenticeship performance mannerisms called Schlagmanieren ...
  • "Songs to Soothe a Mother": Intertextuality and Intertribalism in Kiowa War Mother Songs 

    Yamane, Maxwell Hiroshi (2018)
    War Mother songs were first composed for the women of the Kiowa War Mothers Chapter 18 organization during World War II by two main composers, Lewis Toyebo and James “Jimmy A” Anquoe. These songs initially functioned to ...
  • "The Biggest Con in History": American Myth-Making in the Stage and Screen Adaptations of Anastasia 

    Weyman, Jennifer Elizabeth (2018)
    The story of Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova has been engrained in the American imagination for nearly a century. This tale has often been told on stage and screen, depicting Anastasia and her most famous impersonator: Anna ...
  • Isle of Gold - a story in music 

    Samson, Matthew David Arling (2018)
    Out of the great abundance of stories available to humans throughout history, opera composers and their librettists have favored a surprisingly small subset of these stories in the production of their works. Thus, a ...

    Shohdy, Valentina Alaaledin (2018)
    This dissertation performance project explores how the interpretation of instrumental music can be influenced and informed by the vocal repertoire of various composers throughout music history. The first recital draws ...

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