MARAC 2021 Fall - Gettysburg, PA 7-9 October

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Recent Submissions

  • Digital Preservation Planning: Choosing Systems 

    Valigorsky, Marie (2021-10-09)
    Archivists from the Pennsylvania State Archives will share how they are managing and prioritizing digital preservation, highlighting the challenges faced in current projects. Although they do not have a preservation system ...
  • Creating Digital Preservation Policies 

    Downing, Maggie (2021-10-08)
    Digital preservation needs to be addressed programmatically, but it can be hard to know where to start. Maggie will discuss strategies for creating a digital preservation policy as a key component for the development ...
  • Conflict of interests: Meeting the needs and expectations of diverse users and stakeholders 

    Alger, Susan; Burns, Tesa Lark; Henderson, Jennifer (2021-10-08)
    S13. Meeting the needs and expectations of a wide array of users and stakeholders is a primary challenge we face as archivists. Panelists from Hershey Community Archives and Milton Hershey School Department of School History ...
  • Digital Reunification of JDC Archives Fugitive Collections 

    Edelstein, Jeff (2021-10-08)
    Digitization has created opportunities for the virtual reunification of dispersed material, opening possibilities to better understand the context of their creation or collection and the relationships among them. ...
  • Reunited and It Feels So Good?: Reunifying the Baltimore News American Collection 

    Graham, Susan; Coulbourne, Mark (2021-10-08)
    The Baltimore News American was a newspaper that operated in Baltimore for nearly two hundred years and closed in 1986. After closing the Hearst Corporation donated the photographs, and clippings morgue to the University ...

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