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Recent Submissions

  • Essays on Market Microstructure and Asset Pricing 

    Chen, Wen (2017)
    This dissertation contains two essays exploring the asset pricing implications of asymmetric information, hedging and market making. Chapter 1 studies position limits on strategic speculators in commodity futures. In this ...
  • Essays in Corporate Finance 

    Hu, Xiaoyuan (2017)
    This dissertation presents two essays about corporate finance, product market, and corporate governance. The first essay shows that, depending on product market structure, firms adjust executive compensation differently ...
  • Essays in Corporate Finance 

    Bowen III, Donald Eugene (2016)
    This dissertation is comprised of three essays about investment, technology transfer, and corporate governance mandates. The first essay, “Patent Acquisition, Investment, and Contracting”, examines the transfer of ...
  • Essays in Corporate Finance 

    Duquerroy, Anne Nicole (2017)
    This dissertation presents two essays in Corporate Finance. In the first essay, I study how political institutions affect corporate investment through the policy uncertainty channel. I examine investment response to changes ...
  • Essays on Financial Constraints, R&D Investments, and Competition 

    Lin, Danmo (2016)
    This dissertation consists of two chapters of theoretical studies that investigate the effect of financial constraints and market competition on research and development (R&D) investments. In the first chapter, I explore ...

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