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Recent Submissions

  • Between Temple and Tomb: Lararia, the Lares, and the Dead in Roman Pompeii (80 BCE-79 CE) 

    Evans, Sarah Frances (2018)
    The Lares familiares were a group of ancient Roman gods worshipped at lararia, the shrines that stood at the center of domestic religion. In this thesis, I revisit a century-long debate and present new evidence, derived ...
  • Robert Irwin's New Materialism 

    Vetter, Michael Laurence (2018)
    This dissertation examines the complete oeuvre of contemporary installation artist Robert Irwin from his early work in the 1950s to the present day. The first chapter considers his early paintings as well as his early ...
  • Picturing Devotion in Dutch Golden Age Huiskerken 

    Harrington, Margaret (2018)
    Although the seventeenth-century Dutch Republic was officially Protestant, Catholics made up nearly one-third of the population. To circumvent laws prohibiting public worship, Dutch Catholics celebrated Mass in private ...
  • Adapting to the Market: Gabriel Metsu in Amsterdam 

    Lee, Sophia (2018)
    This dissertation examines the impact that the vicissitudes of the political and economic environment of the mid-seventeenth century Dutch Republic had on the stylistic and thematic character of paintings that Gabriel Metsu ...
  • The “Magic” of Matter: Ana Mendieta and the New Materialisms 

    Nguyen, Melanie (2018)
    The work of Ana Mendieta has much to teach us about our current relationship with our natural environment. While traditionally brought into discussions of feminist or postcolonial histories of the late-20th century, ...

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