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Recent Submissions

  • Children’s Developing Representations of Physical and Social Power 

    Terrizzi, Brandon Frank (2018)
    When navigating unfamiliar social environments, it is important to identify who is powerful. Knowing who has power can be challenging because there may be limited social information available to an observer, and because ...
  • Maternal ADHD and parenting: The moderating role of maternal emotion regulation 

    Woods, Kelsey (2017)
    Separate literatures have examined the associations between maternal attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms and parenting and maternal emotion regulation (ER) and parenting. This study used a multi-method ...
  • Neural Mechanisms of Approach and Avoidance 

    Gentry, Ronny (2017)
    Using environmental cues to acquire good things and avoid harmful things is critical for survival. Rewards and punishments both drive behavior through reinforcement learning mechanisms and sometimes occur together in the ...
  • The Impact of Race on Newcomer Knowledge Utilization 

    Crosby, Brandon (2017)
    The experiences of newcomers in groups and organizations have been studied for decades in organizational psychology. Touted for their abilities to produce innovation and give outside perspectives, successful newcomers ...
  • Impact of Age and Experience on Pattern Separation 

    Canada, Kelsey Leigh (2017)
    The ability to remember highly detailed events and discriminate between them is thought to be supported by two distinct but complementary neural computational processes: pattern completion and pattern separation. The current ...

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