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    Maze, Alena (2021)
    When using commercial address lists to sample households, investigators spend considerable time and money on screening households for eligibility as well as locating certain subpopulations (to achieve target sample sizes). ...
  • Submaximal Function Algebras 

    Van Meter, Garrett Oliver II (1971)
    Let X be a compact Hausdorff space. A function algebra on X is a complex Banach subalgebra of C(X) which separates the points of X and contains the constants. Moreover, a function algebra on X is maximal if it is ...
  • Completions 

    Nielsen, Robert Maurice (1964)
    This paper presents a new approach to the theory of completions. The treatment is based on the concept of convergence on filters and related topologies. For a given uniform Hausdorff space Xu and a collection S of Cauchy ...
  • Detection of co-eluted peptides using database search methods 

    Alves, Gelio; Ogurtsov, Aleksey Y; Kwok, Siwei; Wu, Wells W; Wang, Guanghui; Shen, Rong-Fong; Yu, Yi-Kuo (Springer Nature, 2008-07-02)
    Current experimental techniques, especially those applying liquid chromatography mass spectrometry, have made high-throughput proteomic studies possible. The increase in throughput however also raises concerns on the ...
  • Dynamics, Networks, and Information: Methods for Nonlinear Interactions in Biological Systems 

    Milzman, Jesse (2021)
    In this dissertation, we investigate complex, non-linear interactions in biological systems.This work is presented as two independent projects. The mathematics and biology in each differ, yet there is a unity in that both ...

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