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Recent Submissions

  • Retention of Concepts and Skills in Traditional and Reformed Applied Calculus 

    Garner, Bradley Evan (1998)
    A fundamental question is currently being asked throughout the collegiate mathematics education community: "How can we help students understand and remember calculus better?" There seems to be general dissatisfaction with ...

    Hunter, Ryan (2017)
    In this thesis we introduce a Monge–Amp`ere iteration to be a sequence of convex functions {ϕi}i∈N which solve the sequence of Monge–Amp`ere equations det(∇2ϕi+1) = h ◦ ϕi with second boundary values ∇ϕi+1(Rn) = A where h ...
  • Mathematical Models for Ovarian Cancer 

    Botesteanu, Dana-Adriana (2017)
    Ovarian cancer is the most fatal cancer of the female reproductive system. High-grade serous ovarian cancer (HGSOC) represent the majority of ovarian cancers and accounts for the largest proportion of deaths from the ...
  • The Metaplectic Case of the Weil-Siegel Formula 

    Sweet, William Jay Jr. (1990)
    The Weil-Siegel formula, in the form developed by Weil, asserts the equality of a special value of an Eisenstein series with the integral of a related theta series. Recently, Kudla and Rallis have extended the formula into ...
  • Nonparametric Estimation of a Distribution Function in Biased Sampling Models 

    Xu, Jian-Lun (1993)
    The nonparametric maximum likelihood estimator (NPMLE) of a distribution function F in biased sampling models have been studied by Cox (1969), Vardi (1982, 1985), and Gill, Vardi, and Wellner (1988). Their approaches are ...

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