MARAC 2019 Fall - Cambridge, MD 7-9 November

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Recent Submissions

  • Moving from positive to negative : working across disciplines on large photograph digitization projects 

    Lemmen, Barbara; Shilstut, Natalie; Starr, Laura Kopp; Taylor, Nancy (2019-11-09)
    Historic images are in demand—especially those available for discovery online. At the same time, digitizing large photograph collections can be daunting, particularly when a project involves balancing access and preservation ...
  • After the Event: Response, Stabilization, and Salvage of Photographic Collections 

    Feige, Dyani; Lemmen, Barbara (2019-11-09)
    Photographic materials have complex structures, specialized needs, and inherent preservation vulnerabilities; salvaging these materials safely after a disaster incident can sometimes be more challenging than salvaging ...
  • Sparking Interest in Archival Research 

    Reader, David B (2019-11-08)
    The power point slides of David Reader's presentation on November 8, 2019. The educator and the use of archival materials (logistics, assignments, and experience).
  • Putting Out Fire and Sucking Up the Water 

    Wick, Harrison; Feige, Dyani; Montori, Carla; Van Osten, Kayla; Borin, Jill (2019-11-08)
    This presentation will focus on the best practices for creating effective disaster response manuals and how each institution has developed policies to protect their collections and respond to disasters, including the ...
  • Great Expectations: Community Engagement in Processing the Punk Archive 

    Barker, Ray (2019-11-08)
    Ray Barker, an Archivist at the DC Public Library, describes the background and history of the Punk Archive, and the efforts he's undertaken in working closely with donors, by including them in aspects of processing physical ...

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