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Recent Submissions

  • Web Archiving Democracy 

    Haberle, Mary; Goldman, Ben; Bower, Dory; Craynon, Megan; Christman, Roger; Milligan, Ian; Worby, Nicholas (2017-10-27)
    As repositories of primary source materials, archives play a central role in supporting the democratic principles of transparency and accountability. Political discourse and many official records of government have shifted ...
  • Enhancing Access to Holocaust Records: Developing a Prototype International Research Portal 

    Kurtz, Michael; Yeide, Nancy; Wachtel, Jennifer; Jansen, Gregory (2017-10-27)
    Presentation given at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference (MARAC) Fall 2017, on the International Research Portal project, to enable better access to records of art looting and restitution from Europe in WWII. ...
  • Digital Remembrance: Archives and the 100th Anniversaries of World War I 

    Wilson, Andrew; Dazé, Sophie; Milano, Nicole (2017-10-28)
    These presentations were part of panel at MARAC Buffalo in October of 2017. The title of the panel was Digital Remembrance: Archives and the 100th Anniversaries of World War I. The panel looked at using modern approaches ...
  • Fall 2017 MARAC Session 1: Reviving Forgotten Collections 

    Howe, Cara; Parme, Sara; Wick, Harrison (2017-10-27)
    Learn about the success stories of utilizing historical resources from forgotten and often neglected collections. Join us for an informative session that will showcase the reinvention of the Historical Collections at the ...

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