MARAC 2017 Fall - Buffalo, NY 26-28 October

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    Written in The Rock: Engaging Student Organizations at Slippery Rock University
    (2017-05) Brunner, Amy; Silva, Judy; Cowan, Aaron
    The University Archives at Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania documents the university's functions and activities over time. Because the Archives depends on organizations and departments to deposit their materials, the Student Organizations record group contained several noticeable gaps in activity. This poster summarizes efforts to create awareness of the University Archives among student organizations and solicit deposits for research use.
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    Inheriting the Records Management Challenges of Historic Organizations
    (2017-10-27) Wertheimer, Melissa E.
    Presentation given at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference (MARAC) 2017 Fall Meeting in Buffalo, NY. The Music Library Association Archives are housed at Special Collections in Performing Arts at the University of Maryland, College Park. This historic collection of manuscripts, oral histories, publications, and e-records documents MLA's official activities from its founding in 1931 to the present. At approximately 300 linear feet and growing, the collection has posed great challenges to MLA officers, the repository curator, and student workers. Examples include multiple reappraisal initiatives, ongoing records transfers, backlog, arrangement assessments, deaccessions, multiple repositories over time, changes in dedicated staff, and finding aid generation dependent upon evolving university practices.
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    Beyond Alt Text: Accessibility in Digital Collections
    (2017-10-27) Tkacz, Courtney Yevich
    Presentation given at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference (MARAC) 2017 Fall Meeting in Buffalo, NY about discoverability versus accessibility in digitized archival collections, and strategies for moving beyond alt text to make digital content truly accessible to the millions of people worldwide with visual or hearing impairments. Includes a discussion of tools to provide better access to text based, photographic, graphic, and audiovisual materials, using examples from the digitized Lillian Thomas Pratt archives at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.
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    Supporting Solidarity: Appraising and Collecting Online Content Surrounding the Women's Marches in Maryland
    (2017) Wachtel, Jennifer LeeAnne; Rizzo, Caitlin; Berry, Erin
    Report and presentation from the MARAC conference in Buffalo, NY on October 28, 2017. S23, "Documenting Social Protest: Lessons Learned from the Women's March." This project took place in the context of an entire course on archival appraisal at the University of Maryland and had powerful implications for archival outreach as activism as well as the tools needed to carry out collection development for born-digital materials. We used Archive-It to crawl social media pages and decided to focus on local solidarity marches in Maryland as the national Women's March was already well-documented. As students, we learned that activism and outreach are integral to the archival profession; we have to be able to explain why we as archivists want to document social protest.
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    Web Archiving Democracy
    (2017-10-27) Haberle, Mary; Goldman, Ben; Bower, Dory; Craynon, Megan; Christman, Roger; Milligan, Ian; Worby, Nicholas
    As repositories of primary source materials, archives play a central role in supporting the democratic principles of transparency and accountability. Political discourse and many official records of government have shifted from analog to web-based delivery. Web archiving programs that collect content created by elected officials and governments are vital to a robust civil society, which is central to a healthy democracy. This panel brings together information professionals and a digital historian engaged with related content. Professionals actively acquiring websites of elected officials and online government publications will discuss why and how their institutions are building web archives in these areas and what gaps, if any, exist. Panelists will offer their perspectives on the current state of researcher access and how archives can better support researcher engagement with web archives. Questions of professional and institutional responsibility as citizens and as employees of democratic institutions will be explored.
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    Enhancing Access to Holocaust Records: Developing a Prototype International Research Portal
    (2017-10-27) Kurtz, Michael; Yeide, Nancy; Wachtel, Jennifer LeeAnne; Jansen, Gregory
    Presentation given at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference (MARAC) Fall 2017, on the International Research Portal project, to enable better access to records of art looting and restitution from Europe in WWII. The presentation includes screen shots of the old and new IRP website and explains the new features, as well as the contributions to the project from students at UMD and professional provenance researchers.
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    Digital Remembrance: Archives and the 100th Anniversaries of World War I
    (2017-10-28) Wilson, Andrew; Dazé, Sophie; Milano, Nicole
    These presentations were part of panel at MARAC Buffalo in October of 2017. The title of the panel was Digital Remembrance: Archives and the 100th Anniversaries of World War I. The panel looked at using modern approaches to digitization and audience engagement in service of remembering WWI and those impacted by the war - families, volunteers and soldiers.
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    Fall 2017 MARAC Session 1: Reviving Forgotten Collections
    (2017-10-27) Howe, Cara; Parme, Sara; Wick, Harrison
    Learn about the success stories of utilizing historical resources from forgotten and often neglected collections. Join us for an informative session that will showcase the reinvention of the Historical Collections at the SUNY Upstate Medical University, and the advent of new technologies that are transforming legacy collections and leading to new opportunities for researchers visiting the University Libraries and the IUP Special Collections & University Archives at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP). The session will discuss new avenues that have re-discovered archival collections and other resources that include diverse populations. Presenters will discuss the challenges that their departments have overcome to bring these hidden treasures to light.
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    Papers and Parchments: Understanding, Managing, Promoting Judicial Records
    (Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference, 2017-10-28) Huth, Geof; Tatum, William P III; Folts, Jim
    "Papers and Parchments" tells the story of large archives projects in New York State carried out by the New York State Unified Court System, the Dutchess County Department of History, and the New York State Archives. This presentation covers the issues that arise when addressing bodies of records that are both very old and voluminous. The focus of the talk is on how to properly describe, manage, and make such records available.
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    Program for the Fall 2017 MARAC Meeting: Reinvention and Renewal: Putting the Shine on the Nickel City
    (2017) MARAC: Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference
    The program for the Fall 2017 MARAC meeting, "Reinvention and Renewal: Putting the Shine on the Nickel City" held October 26-28 in Buffalo, NY.