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The National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC)—funded through a National Science Foundation grant to the University of Maryland—is dedicated to solving society’s most challenging and complex environmental problems. As one of only a few U.S. transdisciplinary research centers, SESYNC brings together different disciplines and stakeholders to increase knowledge on the complex interactions between human and ecological systems.

Recent Submissions

  • Qualitative data sharing and re-use for socio-environmental systems research: A synthesis of opportunities, challenges, resources and approaches 

    Jones, Kristal; Alexander, Steven M.; Bennett, Nathan; Bishop, Libby; Budden, Amber; Cox, Michael; Crosas, Mercè; Game, Eddie; Geary, Janis; Hahn, Charlie; Hardy, Dean; Johnson, Jay; Karcher, Sebastian; LaFevor, Matt; Motzer, Nicole; Pinto da Silva, Patricia; Pittman, Jeremy; Randell, Heather; Silva, Julie; Smith, Joseph; Smorul, Mike; Strasser, Carly; Strawhacker, Colleen; Stuhl, Andrew; Weber, Nicholas; Winslow, Deborah (2018)
    Researchers in many disciplines, both social and natural sciences, have a long history of collecting and analyzing qualitative data to answer questions that have many dimensions, to interpret other research findings, and ...
  • Do Energy Savings Grow on Shade Trees? 

    Maher, Joe (2017)
    In warm climates, trees could provide natural air-conditioning by shading homes. Yet, there is little rigorous empirical evidence on the shade benefits of green infrastructure. This paper uses data on tree removal permits ...

    Jones, Kristal; Magliocca, Nicholas R; Hondula, Kelly (2017)
    The food-energy-water (FEW) nexus is increasingly emphasized and prioritized as a framework for research, technology, and policy to deal with complex socio-environmental problems. Producing food in sufficient quantity and ...
  • The Blind Spot in the Green Revolution: Temples, Terraces, and Rice Farmers of Bali 

    Wei, Cynthia; Burnside, William; Che-Castaldo, Judy (2013-07)
    This case explores the complex interactions in a socio-environmental system, the Balinese wet rice cultivation system. Using a combination of the interrupted case and directed case methods, students are presented with an ...
  • Socio-Environmental Synthesis Tutorials 

    Wei, Cynthia (SESYNC, 2015-01)
    Socio-environmental (S-E) synthesis advances the understanding of S-E systems. These tutorials introduce fundamental concepts about S-E systems. Each tutorial consists of written text and accompanying resources that ...

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