Socio-Environmental Synthesis Tutorials


Socio-environmental (S-E) synthesis advances the understanding of S-E systems. These tutorials introduce fundamental concepts about S-E systems. Each tutorial consists of written text and accompanying resources that illustrate some of the key concepts for understanding S-E systems. The series includes: Tutorial 1- Overview of Socio-environmental Synthesis; provides an overview of the socio-environmental research and problem solving approach. Tutorial 2- Systems Perspectives and Dynamics; provides an overview of systems perspectives and the importance of understanding the behavior and dynamics of systems. Tutorial 3- Understanding Socio-environmental Systems: Thresholds, States, and Resilience; this tutorial describes basic concepts important for understanding the complex behavior of systems. Tutorial 4- Understanding Socio-environmental Systems: Hierarchy and Scale; this tutorial provides an introduction to concepts of hierarchy and scale and their importance for understanding socio-environmental systems. Learning Goals include: Tutorial 5- Understanding Socio-environmental Systems: Adaptive Cycles: his tutorial provides a basic introduction to the concept of adaptive cycles and their utility for understanding socio-environmental systems.


This series presents a basic overview of some basic concepts in socio-environmental science.