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Recent Submissions

  • Does Low-density Zoning Impact Rural Land Value? 

    Lynch, Lori; Liu, Xiangping (CANRP, 2012-09-28)
    Do zoning regulations rob rural landowners’ equity – i.e. decreasing their land values without compensation? Do these land use controls affect different types of land in the same way or in different ways? How far-reaching ...

    Johnson, Mae (2015-02)
    Presentation delivered by Mae Johnson of Maryland Department of Agriculture during the 2015 Ag Lease Workshops.
  • Landlord-Tenant Communication 

    Rhodes, Jennifer (2015-01)
    Presentation delivered by Jennifer Rhodes during the 2015 Ag Lease workshops sponsored by Department of Ag and Resource Economics, Maryland FarmLink, Maryland Department of Agriculture, University of Maryland Extension, ...
  • Sample Farmer Resume 

    Rhodes, Jennifer (2015-01)
    Sample resume that a producer could use to help demonstrate to a landlord how the producer operates his/her farm.

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