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Search For My Familiar

dc.contributor.advisorRosen, Meriam
dc.contributor.authorGraciani, Ruben
dc.description.abstractTo gain a greater understanding of my aesthetic and voice, I am challenging myself to see Rub& in a different light, from a different perspective. The goal is to discover a different story to tell and to tell that story in a new way, my way. One way to describe myself is by illuminating the voices and spirits of those closest to my heart. Their stories and our interactions make up who I am. If you know those close to me, you know me. I choose to be known. My departure point for each of the pieces of choreography in my concert is that each dance has been inspired by a significant emotional experience or interaction. I am not telling specific stories of those interactions; instead, I am insinuating that by seeing the arc of emotions, you are seeing the arc of my life. This thesis concert is my autobiography.en_US
dc.titleSearch For My Familiaren_US

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