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    Books.Files: Preservation of Digital Assets in the Contemporary Publishing Industry
    (2020-04) Kirschenbaum, Matthew
    The book industry is an important social, cultural, and economic institution whose records deserve to be preserved for the public good. Books.Files was an exploratory project funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation aimed at assessing the archival value of digital assets in the contemporary publishing industry for stakeholders in the cultural heritage sector (libraries, archives, and academia) as well as in the industry itself. The report addresses the changing technological and organizational circumstances in the creation and collecting of publishers' archives, with an emphasis on the enumeration of the types and variety of digital assets that may form the primary basis for such archives in the future. It emphasizes the extent to which every book published (not just ebooks as such) is in fact "born-digital," and the implications of this shift for future historical and bibliographical scholarship. It concludes with a set of recommendations.
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    Nat Turner after 9/11: Kyle Baker's Nat Turner
    (2015) Bruno, Timothy
    Scholars have thoroughly questioned what Nat Turner meant to others in the past; in this article, I question what he means today. Reversing William Andrews's injunction to read “Prophet Nat's” 1831 insurrection through the US's encounter with religio-political terrorism on 9/11, I instead examine the effect September 11th has had on the rebel slave's contemporary afterlife. Ultimately this article asks what cultural work Nat Turner now performs, what his most recent depictions tell us about the racial formations of the present. Drawing on comics theory, I parse the visual rhetoric of Kyle Baker's popular and increasingly studied comic Nat Turner, in which Baker tropes Nat Turner as Christ just as Nat Turner himself did in his Confessions. Baker produces an inviolably iconic black hero, one who is visually antithetical to racist images of “the terrorist" circulating in post-9/11 discourses on national belonging. By doing so, Baker effectively safeguards not only Nat Turner but US "blackness" from Islamophobia during the age of the Global War on Terror. Finally, by reading Baker's comic alongside other recent, unexamined depictions of the rebel slave, this article critically intervenes by updating the archive on Nat Turner and complicating the political possibilities that inhere in other sites of memory.
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    Alternate Reality Games as Platforms for Practicing 21st-Century Literacies
    (International Journal of Learning and Media, 2013) Bonsignore, Elizabeth; Hansen, Derek; Kraus, Kari; Ruppel, Marc
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    Book Review of Carmen Lomas Garza by Constance Cortez
    (Latino Studies, 2011) Ontiveros, Randy
    This article reviews Constance Cortez's 2010 monograph on the Texas-based artist Carmen Lomas Garza. It appears in Volume 9, Issue 4 of the journal Latino Studies.
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    No Golden Age: Television News and the Chicano Civil Rights Movement
    (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2010-12) Ontiveros, Randy
    Examines patterns and omissions in television news coverage of the Chicano movement in the 1960s and 1970s. Argues that the networks largely ignored Mexican American activism during these decades, and when they did cover the movement, they tended to represent it not as a complex campaign for equality, but as one of several forces destroying America from within.