MARAC 2016 Fall - Annapolis, MD 3-5 November

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    What's in a Name: The University of Maryland Football Stadium Controversy
    (2016-11-04) Turkos, Anne S.K.
    An examination of the role of the University of Maryland Archives in the controversy over the name of the university's football stadium in 2015-2016.
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    Security and Preservation
    (2016-11-05) Storey, Rosemary
    This presentation addresses digital preservation security challenges from the perspective of the lead developer of inventory and workflow software for the digital repository at the Library of Congress.
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    Wearing Many Hats
    (2016-11-04) Ramirez, Dan
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    Usability in Digital Exhibits
    (2016-11-04) Vess, David
    This presentation explores usability in digital exhibitions. It covers general information about usability and offers four key domains to consider when integrating usability into any project.
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    NEH Support for Archives and Cultural Heritage
    (2016-11-04) Johnston, Jesse A.
    Copy of slides for a presentation by Jesse Johnston at the fall 2016 meeting of Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Council (MARAC) describing current NEH programs and grants of interest to cultural heritage organizations.
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    NHPRC for Archives - the 7-10 Minute Version
    (2016-11-03) Lorch, Alex
    This 7-10 minute presentation formed part of a 90-minute panel session at the MARAC conference in Annapolis on 3 November 2016. Alex Lorch, Director for the Access Program, discusses the Access to Historical Records: Major Initiatives and Access to Historical Records: Archival Projects programs.
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    DC Africana Archives Projec
    (2016-11-06) Krensky, Alexandra; Williams, Doretha; McDonough, Anne; Danylevich, Theodora
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    Sailing into Metrics: Rethinking and Implementing Metrics and Assessment in Archives
    (DigitalCommons@UNO, 2016-11-08) Schindler, Amy
    In 2014, SAA and RBMS appointed joint task forces to address the challenges that archival repositories face related to metrics and assessment. The task forces are drafting proposed metrics and standards, but calls for how to implement data gathering continue. This session will share case studies on the implementation of data gathering from the ground up, metrics and assessment in instruction and reference, and identifying the best and most efficient ways to quantify resources for assessment and decision making. The session will also address the transition from manual data gathering to tools like Aeon and LibInsight and the administrative outcomes of these changes. Chair: Wesley Chenault, Virginia Commonwealth University Speakers: Adriana Cuervo, Rutgers University Jessica Lacher-Feldman, Louisiana State University Amy Schindler, University of Nebraska at Omaha
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    Considering Color in Digital Images of Works of Art
    (2016) Goforth, Julie; Ray, Joyce
    This paper evaluates current practices in digital imaging of works of art and examines whether those practices result in colors that are as accurate as possible in relation to the original intention of the work. Currently, a standard color temperature is applied to digital images of works of art in order to facilitate consistent results among all users and mediums. This standard may not render the best color for individual works when compared to one that more accurately represents the conditions present when the work was created. This paper proposes that a set of color temperatures be defined that can be applied to general categories of art which will result in a more correct representation of the colors intended by the artist, when those intentions can be discovered or inferred. Determining the relevant data about the artist, materials used and conditions present when the work was created that affect the color temperature applied to the work should result in a digital image that can be considered a definitive image for archival and scholarly use but not necessarily a replacement for the current standard images used for web and print. In addition to the digital image, all documentation on how the illumination was determined and how the image was captured and manipulated should be saved with the image.
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    Persistent Identifiers, In-house Systems Versus External Registries
    (2016-11-04) McCloud, Joanna
    Presentation from the MARAC fall meeting in Annapolis, MD November 3-5, 2016. S12-Charting Their Own Course: Innovative Approaches Toward Digital Curation From New Professionals. "Persistent Identifiers, In-house Systems Versus External Registries."
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    Successfully Completing A Grant-Funded Project
    (2016-11-04) Caringola, Elizabeth
    Presentation from the MARAC conference in Annapolis, MD on November 3-5, 2016. S2 - Grant Funding for Your Next Project.
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    Practical Digital Curation Skills for Archivists in the 21st Century
    (2016-11-04) Lee, Myeong; Kendig, Mary; Marciano, Richard; Jansen, Greg; Kurtz, Michael; Allen, Maddie; Diemand, Kelsey; Chen, Shiyun; Zhang, David; Spencer, Edel; Gnanasekaran, Rajesh; Geller, Alicia; Jhaveri, Hardik; Vaile, Sydney; Almiron, Martin; De La Cruz, Jhon; Destine, Shaina; Durham, Erin; Reyes, Darlene; Sagay, Benjamin; Bool, Richard; Amdekar, Myuresh; Refford, Brian; Shah, Sohan; Doshi, Pal; Liao, Yuting; Kapoor, Ruchira; Shah, Sohan; Wu, Jiahui; Wilson, Meaghan; Atre, Vinita; Travis, Diane; Underwood, William
    The University of Maryland's Digital Curation Innovation Center (DCIC) in the College of Information Studies promotes research and education in digital curation and fosters interdisciplinary partnerships using Big Records and archival analytics through public, industry, and government partnerships. In this session, technologists, archivists, and students from the DCIC will provide case studies involving archival records in a digital environment that focus on redlining in urban neighborhoods, the Japanese American experience in World War II internment camps, and navigating Holocaust-era digital data.
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    Program for the Fall 2016 MARAC Meeting: Making the Most of Archival Assets/Resources
    (2016-11) MARAC: Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference
    Program for the Fall 2016 MARAC meeting, "Making the Most of Archival Assets/Resources" held November 3-5 in Annapolis, Maryland.